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Braglia are manufacturers of orchard and boom sprayers accessories. The Company was founded in the 1950s when Braglia family decided to apply his own experience and flair to produce accessories for sprayers in agriculture. The Company has always been family run and it is now at the third generation.
Braglia during the years, has developed a very advanced range of products. the company is appreciated for its excellent quality and price/quality ratio.

Focus products areas include:

• Spray guns for chemicals, washing and firefighting applications
• Nozzle holders for boom sprayers
• Nozzle holders for airblast systems
• Valve banks
• HP Brass Agriculture Filters
• Manual Control units
• Turbo air inducing Nozzles

At AG SPRAY AFRICA (Pty) Ltd a select range of Braglia’s goods are stocked specifically tailored for the Southern African Market. Kindly contact our sales team to find out more about the supported goods or should you require anything special.